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  • Causes - Common causes like anxiety anemia thyroid disesase but more important causes are underlying rhythm disorders of the heart
  • Symptoms - Sensation of increase in heart beat
  • Precaution - Seek immediate medical attention.

Chest Pain

  • Causes - Multiple causes but very important to rule out life threatening causes most important of which is heart attack
  • Precaution - Don’t waste time and self treat seek immediate medical attention
  • SYNCOPE or transient loss of consciousness Causes can be heart related or brain related
  • Precaution - Obviously seek immediate medical attention

Disorders Of Heart Valves

  • Causes - Most common rheumatic heartdisesase as well as degenerative
  • Symptoms - Shortness of breath palpitation swelling of feet chest pain fatique
  • Precautions - Seek immediate medical attention

Heart Failure

  • Causes - Heart failure means inadequate pumping capacity of the heart the two most important cause are disorder of heart muscle known as cardiomyopathy and the other ischemic
  • Symptoms - Main symptom is shortness of breath
  • Precautions - Seek immediate medical attention

Heart Blocks

  • Primarily of two types
  • One is a block in the coronary artery the vessel which supplies the heart presents with chest pain
  • Two block in the electric connection of the heart some of which can present with syncope

Hypertension (High BP)

  • Causes - Genetic | Stress | Unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Symptoms - Non-Specific headache, mostly without symptoms
  • Precautions - Monitor BP every 3 months for whole year
    Maintain healthy lifestyle habits

Dyslipidaemia (High Cholesterol and Triglycerides)

  • Causes - Genetics | Stress | Unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Symptoms - Mostly without symptoms
  • Precautions - Healthy diet, Physical exercise, monitor lipid profile every 3-6 months, Drug therapy when necessary